If you notice a shortage of nearby parking every day on your way to work, why not consider sharing your private parking space? Earn extra income while helping society increase avalaible parking. It's easy -- just follow these 6 simple steps to rent out your private parking parking space.

  • 1

    Setup Your Account

  • 2

    Click "Car Park Sharing"

  • 3

    Click "Publish Parking"

  • 4

    Fill the details

  • 5

    Click Agree

  • 6

    Click It & Done


Sharing resources of parking space during free time (hourly or monthly) in a congested city by HiSpeedcity.com will generate EXTRA income for you while such move helps other to increase flexibility and making it easier to find more parking space. Digital innovation of HiSpeedcity.com enable car owners to do so simply download and register to setup My Account and ready to rent!