Job Title Job Categories Work place Number of recruits Posting date Due date operating
Internship (Network and Software Engineering Engineering Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur 1 2022-3-4 2022-3-28
  • Internship : Network & Software Engineering
  • Job Highlight:
  • Learn state-of-art ioT technology, equipped new skills prepare your new journey
  • The company offer permanent employment to high potential performers
  • Many other job opportunities and potentially expand to South East Asia
  • Bonuses and Long Term Incentive for long term employees
  • Free accommodation provide by the Company for those needed
  • Job Description
  • Learn and support OS on mobile APP, UX, UI, play store compliances
  • Learn IoT hardware integration through ICT and connected devices
  • Involve in installation, setup, testing to operational, Go-lives
  • Learning e-wallet and interoperability on APP end-to-end functionalities
  • Operating processes procedures, HTML.
  • Learning network setting to cloud computing, A.I and other interface
  • Other duties may be assigned from time to time, multi-tasking, X-function
  • Job Requirement:
  • Candidate on final year or possess Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science major in computer networking, software engineering and related
  • Ideally, you can start immediately, total period 6 months
  • Ideally, knowledgeable on IP networking, APPs, cloud computing, API
  • Knowleage in JAVA, PHP, C++, HTML, Phyton, SQL.