To pioneer connected smart parking and toll systems
improving millions of lives and shaping a landscape of smart cities


Transforming the traditional “old-school” parking and
tolling system into a connected online interoperability
with O2O operations, enables real-time access with
full visibility of resources sharing and consumption,
anytime, anywhere. This encourage a cashless & touchless
society, improves driving behavior, and enhances traffic
flow in the cities, making lives easier
Our technology & solutions can serve the customers on

Cashless  Touchless  Free Flow

Smart parking

Pedestrian Toll

Highway Toll

Tunnel Toll

Make your lives easy, we make things easy !

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Share your PRIVATE PARKING space with the public. Drivers can search, book, and navigate to your parking bay. They simply download and top up the Hispeedcity e-wallet, then "Scan to Pay" using the QR code
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operate OFF STREET commercial car park management with NO manpower. This service is available in various locations including shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, offices, residential areas, airports, and tourist spots (for ticketless parking). Drivers can simply drive in and out without stopping. Payments are automatically deducted from the Hispeedcity e-wallet or can be made using Touch&Go, debit, or credit cards.
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operate an ON STREET local city council parking management system with minimal manpower. Each parking lot will be activated live on the app, providing real-time, full visibility to the public. Drivers can easily Search, Book, and Navigate through the app, and make payments conveniently with 'Scan to Pay' using QR codes. The Enforcement App can detect fee evaders or violations, with e-compound auto-deduct features
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enter and exit the HIGHWAY without the hassle of paying tolls. There are no gantries, booths, or cards involved—truly cashless, touchless, and fast-flowing with Hispeed. Toll fees are automatically deducted from the app, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience